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 +===Create and edit individual sites===
 +You can create sites manually, if you don´t want any generic content. That way you have the possibility to design your own page (except the background color) by using html-code. ​
 +//​**Attention:​**//​ You can only edit the [[structure_echopages|content part]] of the website.
 +{{individual_sites_ex.jpg}} ​
 +The part of the website edged in red (see image) is created by the ''​ECHO_pageTemplate''​. ​
 +== 1. Create an individual site ==
 +To create an individual site, do the following:
 +  - go to the folder to which the new site shall belong
 +  - go to the pull-down menu in the right upper corner
 +  - choose ECHO_pageTemplate
 +  - fill in the property fields\\ ** Properties: **
 +      * **ID**\\ A name to identify the object consisting only of characters that are allowed in URLs.
 +      * **Title** (optional)\\ The title of the template. \\ //​**Notice:​**//​ If it´s filled in, the label of the template appears in the "​sideNavigationBar"​.
 +      * **Label** (optional)\\ The label is a short form of the title.
 +      * **Weight** (optional)\\ If in the subject above there is defined //​sortfield//:​ //weight//, then here you can specify the sortorder by defining a   ​weight (1, 2,..). The smallest number appears on top of the list. \\ //​**Notice:​**//​ If you have more than nine objects, use 01, 02, .., 99
 +      * **Content Type** (optional)
 +      * **File** (optional)\\ For uploading an already existing html-file, press "​Browse..."​ and choose a file.
 +   - press the button "​add"​
 +   - now you can link to this page
 +//​**Notice:​**//​ By setting //ID: index.html//,​ you can create an index page, which is used instead of the "​main_index_template"​
 +== 2. Change properties of an individual site ==
 +  * **ID**\\ To change the ID of the template, select the checkbox of the document and press the button "​rename"​.\\ //​**Attention:​**//​ If you have linked to this page, you have to change the links, too.
 +  * **Title**\\ To change the title, select the document, change the title and press "Save Changes"​
 +  * **Label, Weight, Content Type**\\ To change these properties, select the document and go to the tab "​Weight and Type".
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