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 +=== Update a SQL table from a Filemaker database ===
 +To update a SQL table from a Filemaker database use the fm2sql-tool. See [[fm2sql|here]] how to use it.
 +In the following there is described how to retrieve the information about database location, user and password.
 +  - First of all go to the collection (in ECHO) where the database is used (for example a bibliography,​ an image collection with metadata, etc) and go to the [[zope_management|Zope Management Interface]].
 +  - Look for a ''​Z Psycopg Database Connection''​. If you can't find it, look for it one level above and if you can't find it there, look for it one more level above and so on...
 +  - If you found the ''​Z Psycopg Database Connection''​ click on the tab ''​Properties''​.\\ {{echo:​dbconn.jpg}}
 +  - From the ''​Connection string''​ you can retrieve all the information you need to know about the destination database (database name, user, password and the server the database is on).
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