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 +=== Import and Export ===
 +  - Select the checkbox in front of the object you want to export and click on the button ''​Import/​Export''​.
 +  - The field ''​Export object id''​ holds the id of the object. Don't change this otherwise you export anothor object or an error occurs.
 +  - Select a radiobutton:​\\ ''​Download to local machine''​ - the object will be downloaded to your local machine; in the majority of cases its the right choice.\\ ''​Save to file on server''​ - the object will be saved on the server; if you choose this type of export you need a login on the server to work with the saved file object.
 +  - If you want the object to be exported as an xml-file, select the checkbox ''​XML format?''​. If you want to import the exported object to another zope server, don't select this checkbox.
 +  - Press the button ''​Export''​.
 +//Notice//: After the export you still see the import/​export page, click on the tab ''​Contents''​ to get back to the contents view of the object.
 +For importing objects you must have adequate access rights on the server where zope is running.
 +  - In the filesystem of the server where zope is running: copy the file/folder you want to import to the ''​import''​ folder of the zope server.
 +  - In the Zope Management Interface: go to the folder where you want to import the object and click on the button ''​Import/​Export''​.
 +  - In the text field ''​Import file name''​ type in the name of the file you want to import or if there is only a pulldown menu choose the right file.
 +  - Select a radiobutton:​\\ ''​Take ownership of imported objects''​ - in the majority of cases this is the right choice.\\ ''​Retain existing ownership information''​ - choose this only if you really want the ownership information of the object to stay the same.
 +  - Press the button ''​Import''​.
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