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Basic terms used in the workflows

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  • Resource environment
    In the resource environment the resources (images, fulltexts) are displayed. >> More details
  • URL conform characters
    URL conform characters are letters, numbers, spaces, dashes, underscores and periods.
  • Virtual Exhibition Environment
    The Virtual Exhibition Environment is the system virtual exhibitions are realized with. It is based on the ECHO system.
  • Zope Management Interface (ZMI)
    This is the “Management Part” of the websites. Here you can edit the websites (e.g. the layout), add/remove resources etc. >> More details

ECHO specific

  • Individual start page
  • viewerTemplateSet

Virtual Exhibition specific

  • Media Station
    A Media Station is a environment to present content that shoud be provided in a Virtual Exhibition.

Zope specific

  • Property/Attribute
    An object typically uses properties/attributes to store elements that describe itself. For example, “phone_number”, “first_name”, “last_name” and “title” describe an employee in a particular way.
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