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 +=== How to add text ===
 +  - Open the Zope Management ​
 +  - Go into the folder of the room where the text shall appear e.g. raum24_0.
 +  - [[Create an ECHO_link]].
 +  - Fill in an ID name e.g. text_raum24_0.
 +  - Go into the folder you have just created.
 +  - Within that folder, [[create an ECHO_mapText]].
 +  - Click on "​Graphic Coords"​ (see the tabs above).
 +  - Create an area by clicking in the picture and dragging a shape with the mouse.
 +  - Select "​text"​.
 +  - The text appears when you move your mouse over the area.
 +  - Please note: The size and position of the created rectangular differs from the rectangular in the frontend. So please check if it fits your needs.
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