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 +=== Add metadata to image collections ===
 +Follow these instructions if you have a collection of images and each image has metadata and you want the collection to be displayed like [[http://​​content/​religion/​bulgaria/​folk_images1?​|this]].
 +  - If you don't have a filemaker database which contains the metadata, create one.\\ In this database there has to be a field which contains the name of the image file and then a field for each metadata (e.g. painter, description,​ ...).
 +  - Create a SQL database out of your filemaker database (see [[fm2sql|here]] for more information).
 +  - Upload the images to the foxridge (see [[image_quality|here]] for more information about the quality of images). You can have more than one folder, e. g. if you want your images to be sorted by theme, painter ...
 +  - Go to the [[basic_terms|Zope Management Interface]] of ECHO (see [[zope_management|here]] for more information) and go to the collection/​group the new image collection shall belong to. You can add the new image collection to an existing collection or you can [[create_echo_collection|create a new collection]] for that.
 +  - Parallel to or in the collection your images shall belong to, create a ''​Psycopg_database_connection''​ (see [[Create_a_new_object|here]] how to add a new object). In the property list you can leave almost everything like it is, just fill in the "​Connection String":​\\ ''​dbname=databasename user=username password=password host=servername''​\\ Ask the one who set up the SQL database for database name, user name, password and host.\\ If there is more than one ''​Psycopg_database_connection''​ object you may have to change the id. You don't have to, but you can change the title as well to make the handling of the objects more easier. ​
 +  - Now, again, go to the collection your images shall belong to. Add an ''​ImageCollection MD''​ object.
 +  - Fill in the fields //Folder Path// and //​Viewerpath Path//.\\ The //Folder Path// is the relative path of the folder the images are in on the foxridge. The //​Viewerpath Path// is the same as the //Folder Path// but without the first two folders.\\ For example: You have a folder named "​image_folder"​ and the path on the foxridge is "/​mpiwg/​online/​permanent/​test/​image_folder"​. The //Folder Path// of this folder is "/​mpiwg/​online/​permanent/​test/​image_folder",​ the //​Viewerpath Path// is "​permanent/​test/​image_folder"​.\\ {{collectionmd.jpg}}\\ **Attention:​** When you mount the foxridge via the Finder ("Go to" >> "​Connect to Server..."​) you got one folder named online_permanent or online_experimental,​ but in a path deklaration you have to split this into two folders (online/​permanent or online/​experimental).
 +  - When you click on the tab //​ZSQLExtend//​ you can choose a database connector. If there is only one ''​Psycopg_database_connection''​ object, you shouldn'​t have to change the //​Connection Id//. Otherwise you can choose a database connector from the pulldown menu.\\ {{zsqlextend.jpg}} ​ {{connection.jpg}}
 +  - In the ''​ImageCollection MD''​ there have to be two templates: //​overview.html//​ and //​thumb.html//​\\ You can copy them from the folder //​templates//​ which is located in the [[http://​​manage|root folder]] of echo.\\ See [[overview_thumb|here]] for more information how to change these templates.
 +  - Now, the next step is to bring in the images. For doing that, make sure that the url of the browser is the url of the ''​ImageCollection MD''​.\\ {{import.jpg}}\\ Then replace "​manage"​ with "​ImportStructure"​. Press Enter.\\ There should be one or more ''​ImageDigilib''​ objects, now. 
 +  - Your image collection is finished now. If you click on the tab //View// you can see your images in the ECHO website.
 +  - What remains to do is to link to the image collection. Add a ''​[[echo_links|ECHO_link]]''​ object to the collection where your image collection belongs to. In the field //Link// type in the name of your image collection. When you have added the ''​ECHO_link''​ object the link should appear in the ECHO website. See [[change_link_layout|here]] if you want to know how to change the layout of the link. If you want the ''​ECHO_link''​ object to be displayed like a resource copy the //​link_template//​ in the template folder (in the root folder) to the collection.
 +  - If you have uploaded more than one folder in step 3, go back to step 6 for more image collections.
 +** to be worked out: **
 +  * add metadata to text collections
 +  * e.g. databases, catalogues
 +  * how to create a web presentation out of the database information
 +  * design possibilities
 +  * preparation of data
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