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 +**Add an image or a pdf-file**
 +To add an image or a pdf-file to ZOPE, 
 +  - go to the folder to which the image/pdf shall belong; if it shall be accessable from more than one folder, go up to the first shared folder.
 +  - if a folder named "​images"​ already exists, go there. Otherwise, create one \\ {{folder2.jpg}}
 +  - choose "​image"​ from the pull-down menu in the right upper corner.
 +  - fill in the property fields:
 +     * **ID**\\ A name to identify the object consisting only of characters that are allowed in URLs. \\ //Notice:// Appears only when you create the object.
 +     * **Title**\\ The title of the image/​pdf.\\ //Notice:// Please, don´t use umlauts at the moment. In future it will be possible.
 +     * **File**\\ Choose the image/​pdf-file you want to upload.\\ //Notice:// If you don´t fill in the field ID, then the ID will be the name of the uploaded image.
 +  - Press the button "​add"​.
 +//Notice//: The image is now added to ZOPE, but not visible on the website yet. In order to make it visible, you have to create a website and link to it.
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