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 +====== Upload data to the foxridge via the internet ======  ​
 +  - Go to the Document Repository [[http://​​echo_nav/​storage/​storeOnline/​index_html?​path=/​mpiwg/​online]]
 +  - Go to the folder the resource you want to add belongs to. If needed create a new one (''​new subfolder''​).
 +  - Click on ''​add a new document to this path''​
 +  - Go through the next pages and fill in the fields.\\ **Attention:​ ** there is a bug in this workflow when you want to **add a fulltext in the end** (when you want to add images, there is no problem!). So until the bug is removed, just go through the pages without filling in all the fields. The only field you **have to** fill in is name of the document (the 3rd step). At the end you get a Zope Error message. Go back with the back button and reload the page with the content of the folder. Then click on the new added resource.
 +  - If you haven'​t add the metadata in step 4, click on ''​add''​ on the right side of the page and fill in the metadata.
 +  - If you haven'​t already added images, you can add them by clicking on ''​add a new set of images''​. Follow the instructions.\\ //Notice//: Adding images is optional.
 +  - If you have an fulltext for this resouce, you can at the text by clicking on ''​add a full text (Text file in XML)''​. You can choose any name, but don't use special characters.
 +  - Click on ''​add presentation information''​. The information of the xml-file that is created, will be shown on the left upper corner in the presentation environment.\\ //Notice//: Don't use special characters (like umlauts, etc.) or html-entities.
 +  - Click on ''​combine text, image and presentation''​. Choose a fulltext, an imageset and a presentation information. Select a viewer template set (//​Notice//:​ when you change the viewer template set, the page will be reloaded, so maybe you have to do again all changes you have already done).
 +  - Submit the form. That's it.
 +(//​Notice//:​ By clicking on ''​add document to a collection'',​ you can add the resource to an ECHO collection.)
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