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 +=== Undo a transaction ===
 +If you made a mistake and you want a transaction to be undone, click on the tab ''​Undo''​ and select the transaction you want to undo. Then press the button ''​Undo''​.
 +//Notice//: If you undo a transaction,​ in the list of transactions there appears a new one, the "undo transaction"​ you just made.
 +A transaction is displayed as a path. Additional, the user how made the transaction is given.
 +The red bordered part tells you what was done:
 +Here are some examples of transactions (only the red bordered part in the image above) and their meanings:
 +| ''​manage_delObjects by echo'' ​          | The user echo deleted an object. ​                       |
 +| ''​manage_addECHO_pageTemplate by echo''​ | The user echo created a new ''​ECHO_pageTemplate''​. ​     |
 +| ''​changeECHO_externalLink by user1'' ​   | The user user1 changed an ''​ECHO_externalLink''​ object. |
 +| ''​manage_renameObjects by Teo'' ​        | The user Teo renamed an object. ​                        |
 +| ''​pt_editAction by user2'' ​             | The user user2 changed a template. ​                     |
 +| ...                                                                                              ||
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