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Texttools overview

Working with textual documents is a major challenge at the MPIWG. Therefore a number of projects are related to this topic.

Overall view and architecture


Projects in the context of the MPDL

The XML-Workflow prooject

GIS - Project

Related to this is also the Project on Geographical Information Systems, currently conducted in the context of the China-Project, see for more.

Usage of OCR and indexing with the the help of language technologies

This project part intends to give access to the scanned books available at the Library ( libcoll) via a fulltext search.

Arboreal - XML browser

The Arboreal XML browser is a powerful and flexible tool developed by the Archimedes Project for content-based access to, and annotation of, XML texts. Arboreal includes special features for working with parallel versions of texts, morphology and terminology, and linked images. Integrated language support is currently provided for Latin, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, languages written in cuneiform, and major western European languages. Arboreal supports many standards and is designed as a cross-platform tool that can be used on many different computing systems.

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