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Framemaker Tips

How to export XML (docbook with mathml) documents

  • Install the content of the following zip file:


  • the contents of the plugins folder goes into the plugins folder of filemaker
  • change in maker.ini
FmTranslator=Standard, Frame default translation client for SGML import/export, fminit\trnslate.dll, structured
FmTranslatorMathML=Standard, Frame default translation client for SGML import/export, fminit\Plugins\MathMLConverter\MathMLConverter.dll, structured
  • To structure an existing frame file:
    1. Open, now the applications are available in fm
    2. Open the edd FIXME add the file
    3. Open the document you want to concert
    4. Select at file → set structured application the application you want to use XDocBook is for xml + mathml
    5. file → structure tools → generate conversion table (selet the edd if asked for)
    6. save the conversion table
    7. select the window with the document to be converted
    8. file → utilities → structure current document (select the conversion table you have created)
  • Now you can save the file as xml file by using save as!
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