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 +=== Add digitized data that is not in Libcoll but acquired by the library ===
 +First of all, if you haven'​t done it yet, search [[http://​|Libcoll]] for the resource you want to add. If you find it, continue [[add_a_resource_from_libcoll|here]],​ otherwise do the following.
 +  - Search the [[http://​​bibsys/​FMPro?​-db=Bibliothekskatalog_MPIWG&​-lay=cgi&​-format=searchs.html&​-view=|library online catalogue]] for the resource you want to add. The resource has to be an //online resource.//
 +  - Click on the link of the scan. If there are more than one link, choose the high quality scan.
 +  - Open a new window/tab and go the the [[getting_started|Zope Management Interface]]. ​
 +  - Go to the collection the new resource shall belong to or add new collection.
 +  - [[create_echo_resource|Add a new resource]]. Copy and paste the metadata from the library catalogue. Paste in the property field ''​Link (if no ressourceID)''​ the link of the window that opened when you click on the link of the scan.
 +to be worked out:
 + - how to retrieve metadata from the library
 + - how to get the url/link of the digitized data
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