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 +=== Information about how to structure a workflow ===
 +== Style guide ==
 +  * **Headings**\\ Each site should have a heading in size ''​H4''​. In case you need a deeper structure, you may also use ''​H3''​. Each heading should start with a capital letter.
 +  * **Lists**\\ Ordered lists are used for work steps. You have to use backslashes (''​%%"​\\"​%%''​) for a new line in order to have consecutive numbering. \\ //Notice//: If you create a new line by using enter, the next item starts with 1 again. \\ Unordered lists are used for everything else. 
 +  * **Links**\\ Links leading to more detailed information should start with ''​%%>>​%%''​.\\ Cross-references should be integrated in the text.
 +  * **Images** Please use jpgs or gifs and pay attention to the physical size, as well as comprehensibility.\\ For a clear arrangement namespaces are used. When you upload an image, look for an already existing, appropriate namespace. If there is none, [[http://​​wiki:​images|create one]].
 +  * **Remarks**\\ Please use **//​Attention//​** for important instructions and //Notice// for explanatory remarks.
 +[[example_page|>>​ Example Page]]
 +== How to add comments and questions? ==
 +Write your comment in the file, begin the first line of your comment with COMMENT(username) end with END COMMENT. Please be brief! Long comments should be a new topic or revision.
 +Questions to the whole workflow should be added at the end of the workflow. In a new section starting named "​Questions"​.
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