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Information about how to structure a workflow

Style guide
  • Headings
    Each site should have a heading in size H4. In case you need a deeper structure, you may also use H3. Each heading should start with a capital letter.
  • Lists
    Ordered lists are used for work steps. You have to use backslashes ("\\") for a new line in order to have consecutive numbering.
    Notice: If you create a new line by using enter, the next item starts with 1 again.
    Unordered lists are used for everything else.
  • Links
    Links leading to more detailed information should start with >>.
    Cross-references should be integrated in the text.
  • Images Please use jpgs or gifs and pay attention to the physical size, as well as comprehensibility.
    For a clear arrangement namespaces are used. When you upload an image, look for an already existing, appropriate namespace. If there is none, create one.
  • Remarks
    Please use Attention for important instructions and Notice for explanatory remarks.

>> Example Page

How to add comments and questions?

Write your comment in the file, begin the first line of your comment with COMMENT(username) end with END COMMENT. Please be brief! Long comments should be a new topic or revision.

Questions to the whole workflow should be added at the end of the workflow. In a new section starting named “Questions”.

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