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 +=== Create a new collection ===
 +  - Go to the pulldown menu in the right upper corner and choose ''​ECHO_collection''​\\ {{echo_collection:​add_collection.jpg}}
 +  - Fill in the following fields:​\\ ​
 +      * **ID**\\ A name to identify the object consisting only of characters that are allowed in URLs.\\ //Notice//: Appears only when you create the Object.\\ ​
 +      * **Title**\\ The title of the object.\\ //Notice//: Please, don't use umlauts at the moment. In future it will be possible.\\ ​
 +      * **Lable**\\ The lable is a short form of the title. It appears in the [[structure_echopages|side navigation bar]].\\  ​
 +      * **Imagetag**\\ In the [[structure_echopages|top navigation bar]] you can use an image as link. \\ //Notice//: You have to give a complete image html tag, e.g. ''<​img src="​images/​test.jpg">''​
 +      * **Weight for sorting**\\ If in the object above there is defined sortfield: weight, then here you can specify the sortorder by defining a weight (1, 2 ...). The smallest number appears on the top of the list.\\ //Notice//: If you have more than nine objects, use 01, 02 ... 99\\ 
 +      * **Sortfield for subcollections**\\ Type in the field the objects contained in the collection are sorted by. By default this field is filled with //weight//.
 +      * **Description** (optional)\\ Description of the collection.\\ ​
 +      * **Content-Type** (optional)\\ The type of content\\ ​
 +      * **Responsible** (optional)\\ The person who is responsible for this collection.\\ //Notice//: For internal use only.\\ ​
 +      * **Secondary Link** (optional)\\ You can specify a second link for the collection. In the [[structure_echopages|top navigation bar]] the second link appears below the link to the collection.\\ On the ECHO website the "​Graphical Overviews"​ are //Secondary Links//.
 +      * **Title of Secondary Link** (optional)\\ The Title of the second link.
 +      * **Background color** (optional)\\ ​ You can specify a background color for your collection. The background color is used in the [[structure_echopages|content part]].\\ //Notice//: This works only for collections not used as [[structure_echopages|TopNavElements]].
 +      * **Coordinates**\\ Don't pay attention to this property, it has no meaning.\\ ​
 +      * **Credits** (optional)\\ You can choose one or more [[partner|partner institutions]] for your collection. They are display below the title of the collection.
 +  - Add.
 +The layout of collections used as topNavElements:​
 +The generic layout of collections used in Groups:
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