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 +=== Change the layout of a link ===
 +If you want your link not to have the standard layout, e. g. if you add a link to a collection and not to a group ([[structure_echopages|>>​ structure of ECHO]]), you can use the ''​link_template''​.
 +//Notice//: In general, if you add a link to a group **don'​t change its layout**. Do this only if there is a very good reason for that.
 +  - Go to http://​​manage.
 +  - [[copy_cut_paste|Copy the template]] ''​link_template_old''​ to the folder where your link is located.
 +  - [[rename_objects|Rename the template]] to ''​link_template''​.
 +  - Now, you can edit the template.
 +**Attention**:​ All links parallel to your link and all links in the objects parallel to your link will use this template, too.
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