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 +=== Add source to ECHO ===
 +  - In the [[http://​​echo_nav/​storage/​storeOnline?​path=/​mpiwg|ECHO - Document Repository]] ([[getting_started|>>​ Getting started]]), go to the source you want to add.
 +  - Click on the resource folder.
 +  - Click on ''​Add document to a collection''​.
 +  - Select a collection or subcollection the resource shall belong to.
 +  - Scroll down and select a ''​type of view''​.\\ //Notice//: The ECHO standard environment in most cases is the right choice. Click on ''​Preview''​ if you want to see what it looks like.   
 +  - Fill in the ''​Additional Information''​. Read [[create_echo_resource|Create a new resource]] for more information about the meaning of the properties. Please don´t fill in the ''​Credits'',​ they are not in use at the moment. \\ //Notice//: Maybe the properties are not transfered into Zope. If that´s the case, you have to retype the information again in Step 10.
 +  - Press ''​submit''​.
 +  - Go to the [[getting_started|Zope Management Interface]].
 +  - Navigate to the collection where you have added the resource.
 +  - Click on the resource and then on the tab ''​Main Config''​.
 +  - Change or add the properties.
 +  - Press ''​Change''​.
 +  - Fin.
 +to be worked out:
 +  * workflow with screenshots
 +  * how to design zogiLib ([[http://​​technology/​webdesign/​documentation/​doc_resource_environment|see here]])
 +  * how to a add a resource to ECHO
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