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 +**Add a new partner institution**
 +The partners appear in the property list of collections. They are necessary for the copyright of resources and in the future they will be automatically listed in "​Home/​About the ECHO Initiative/​ECHO Partner"​.
 +To add a new partner, ​
 +  - go to "/​echo_nav/​echo_pages/​partners"​
 +  - create an ECHO_partner object.
 +  - fill in the property fields:
 +    * **ID**\\ A name to identify the object consisting only of characters that are allowed in URLs.
 +    * **Name**\\ The name of the institution
 +    * **URL (e.g. homepage)**\\ A link to the homepage of the institution or to another URL.
 +    * **Director**\\ Name of the director of the institution.
 +    * **Email**\\ Email address for contacting.
 +    * **Country**\\ The country the institution belongs to.
 +    * **Specific color**\\ A specific color for the institution (e.g. the main color of the logo) in hexadecimal code.
 +    * **File**\\ The logo of the institution.\\ //​**Notice:​**//​ The logo should have a height of about 50px.
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